Unboxing : Eweat EW902 Realtek RTD1195 tv box

Founded in 2013, Eweat is a rather new manufacturer, so you might not find much about them on the internet …yet.
But they are ready to make a name for themselves, and since their engineers are used to work with Realtek’s chipsets (from 1073 to 1186), they have big expectations from their Eweat EW902 item.

About Realtek 1195
This blog was one of the first to announce the new Realtek chipset back in May.
Since then the production was delayed a few times, but it looks like we are finally getting close.
So what does the Eweat EW902 bring to the table?

EW902 has pretty much everything you might need for a simple home entertainment system, finally we get a SATA port, USB 3.0, and gigabit Ethernet in a single device.eweat-ew902-accessories

What’s in the box: HDMI cable, power adapter,RCA SATA cable, Quick Guide, simple IR remote

Eweat EW902 – Realtek RTD1195 – USB 3.0 and SD card ports

The remote is simple, IR based, can shutdown, then restart the unit, just as you would expect (several Android tv boxes can only put the unit to “sleep” via their remotes)

the simple IR remote

For some reason Realtek wants to add HDMI-In to these boxes – but, so far, there is no recording from external sources via HDMI – very disappointing to many.

Back view: the dual antenna, gigabit Ethernet, HDMI (in and out), AV, optical, on/off button
left side contains two USB 2.0 ports and the SATA port


How to install firmware upgrades to a Realtek RTD1195 unit:
– if you ever used a Realtek 1185 or 1186 device you will find this familiar:
– put the upgrade file (named install.img) on a USB stick,  in the root folder
– on the right side of the mini PC there is a “restore” button, hidden in a tiny hole: press it with a toothpick or something like that
– keep pressing and switch on the TV box using the button on the back or the IR remote
– that’s all : a blue progress bar will appear and the TV box will reboot automatically when done.


  • Gabe Smith

    Waiting for a review.

    • MiniPCDB

      detailed review is coming, I needed to be sure the latest FW is installed.
      If you want me to test something specific, just let me know.

      • Gabe Smith

        You should test Gigabit LAN speed, USB3 speed, SATA HDD read/write speed, BDMV navigation support, BD-ISO playback support, XBMC compatibility & this claim too “XBMC Perfect support 4K working”.

        • MiniPCDB

          will do.
          I received today two other Mini PC’s :
          – the little black box v2
          – Ugoos UT3
          so, busy days ahead 🙂

          • MiniPCDB

            as it turns out, my unit is an early design and it’s not physically compatible with the newer updates.
            the manufacturer offered to send me a new one, but that could take some time 😐

          • Pedro

            That is bad news… but also expected.

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