Himedia Q5 gets upgraded to Dual core

Rumor  has it that Himedia, a well-known chinese media player (and android TV box) manufacturer, will reveal two weeks from now their new products:

Himedia Q5 Dual-core -an Android 4.2 device based on Huawei/ Hisilicon 3719 (?)
This will support 3D display and will most likely support XBMC natively.
This upgrade is somewhat expected, as the Himedia Q5 device is/was very popular due to it’s unique features (Bluray ISO, the excellent remote control app “HiControl”, DTS passthrough and the bare SATA connector).

Himedia F1  and Himedia F3, new products based on the Allwinner A31 chipset. From the pictures I received from my source one of them will have a 3.5” HDD bay while the other has an external wi-fi antenna.

We will know more in the following weeks, follow us on twitter for details.