News from Himedia

Last year Mini PC DB exclusively informed you that Himedia Q5 II was being updated.
This year we’ll do it again 🙂

The new Himedia flagship, named Himedia Q5 quad core , already launched in China, will receive a significant hardware upgrade in early September.

So, if you are planning to get one, maybe you should put a hold on the purchase until the new PCBA will be ready (most likely future firmware updates will only target the September hardware revision).

In other news, early next week I will be receiving a sample unit from the current Himedia Q5 Quad core, so stay tuned for a small review.

[Update 9/9/2014 ]- the new version is under production now, and it will ship in about 3 weeks.


Egreat roadmap

Until last year Egreat was one of the most important manufacturers of media players in China, their products were based on Realtek (and a few SigmaDesigns) chips.
Their major selling point was the strong hardware: very stable aluminum cases  – I know a few people that still use their Egreat-made Realtek 1073 player (~4 years old)

But in 2013 Egreat did not release any major product (only a few low quantity items, probably OEM android TV boxes).

My sources told me that they lost most of the original team (including lead engineer last November and even the sales people).
Their departure even left some unsolved firmware issues on the Realtek players, which hasn’t make buyers very happy.

Early this year they attempted to regain market share by being early adopters of the new Realtek 1195 chipset – that was unfortunate for them, as this chip isn’t ready even now (in July).

So they are moving towards the most popular platforms and they will be releasing:
– end of July: an Allwinner A31S- based android TV box called Egreat A1
– August: an Mstar-based 4K product
– late August: Amlogic S802 and RK3288 models
– early September – their Realtek RTD1195 lineup comprising of several models

They now seem to favor plastic cases and that would really have an impact on their fan-base (see above)
Also, there seems to be some sort of rebranding process going on, they seem to have dropped their “cube” logo in favor of what looks like a falcon.

My thoughts?
– The market isn’t the same, the other “media player” manufacturers quickly adapted to the “android TV” craziness and now they are ahead ( I would mention Himedia and Kaiboer here)
– I can understand that they lost much by putting all their eggs into the Realtek RTD1195 basket, but going after so many different platforms at the same time couldn’t be good for business – unless you have a very good software team (do they?)
– it would be VERY though to compete with Mele and Mede8er on that RTD1195 item line, as they joined forces and they have a full-time dev team, from which I expect great results
– “S802” belongs to Minix  🙂 – I would rather focus more on Rockchip 3288 instead

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