AC Ryan Veolo 4K

[Update – AC Ryan Veolo 4K is now available on Amazon – read here how to get a free Veo Navigator and 10% off with your purchase]
Back in 2012 when AC Ryan Europe filed for bankruptcy things didn’t look to good for the manufacturer.
But AC Ryan Asia/Pacific didn’t went away, they even launched a second version of their Veolo line (the “Veolo 2”) that proved to be not only smaller, better looking and cheaper than the original Veolo product.

Now it’s time for a third version, that appears very attractive (at least on paper):
– Rockchip RK3288 (quad-core, 1.8Ghz)
– GPU: Mali T764
– 2GB RAM,  16GB Nand flash (Nand, really AC Ryan??)

– HDMI 2.0
– Gigabit ethernet
– Dual-Band Wireless
– Bluetooth 4.0

Comes with Android 4.4 and it promises all major video formats, including h.265 and BD ISO.
AC Ryan took steps into designing their own movie-oriented UI, with cover art and synopsis auto-download. ac-ryan_veolo-4k_UI

could this be the best RK3288 device yet?


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