Possible faked AnTuTu benchmark results

There’s a fierce competition among chip makers/manufacturers for the greatest hardware.
It’s getting harder and harder to impress potential buyers so some manufacturers are adopting all sorts of marketing gimmicks.

AnTuTu is being used to benchmark pretty much an Android tablet or mini PC out there, and there have been rumors about manufacturers faking those results to get better results.

Today 4pda.ru users discovered something very interesting: on Tronsmart’s Allwinner A80 devices if you edit build.prop and change the ro.sys.hiritsu value you get different results in AnTuTu.
– without ro.sys.hiritsu the result is 36185
– with ro.sys.hiritsu =90 the result goes to 128068 (yes, 128K!)
– with ro.sys.hiritsu =95 the result is 143430

“hiritsu” in Japanese means literally “percentage”, “proportion” or “ratio”.
At this time is unclear if the results are being intentionally faked or if there’s some bug in AnTuTu’s benchmark itself, although the users that discovered this believe to be intentional.

What do you think?


Via Freaktab

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