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Interesting Android TV Box: IpazzPort Pearl

Unisen will launch a  new and very interesting device called iPazzPort Pearl.
You might known about “iPazzPort” from their mini-remotes – it seems that they’ve stepped up a bit and their about to launch a device that clearly stands out from the crowd.
Since mini-remotes were their thing, it’s not a big surprise that this new product is simply amazing in that regard.

iPazzPort Pearl remote
That could simply be the best remote I’ve seen on an Android TV box – and wait until you see the features list:
– voice
– headphones jack
– full qwerty on the back (of course!) and a touchpad with zoom, pinch, scroll you name-it
– 10 dedicated hot-keys
yes, it looks amazing.
The device itself is a dual-core @1.6Ghz box with 1GB of RAM, has a front camera so you can use it for skype calls, baby/nanny cam, whatever your heart desire.
Current android version is 4.1, the UI is designed to be simple so any member of the family can enjoy it.
It can run without a TV/monitor as well, so you can use it to listen to the radio, for instance.
iPazzPort Pearl

It does look like a pearl, doesn’t it?
It also have other possible uses (alarm clock comes to mind) making this one of the most interesting family-oriented devices.

New quad-core TV stick – the iMito QX1

Another player on the Rk3188 HDMI dongle market : the iMito QX1 might be late to the party, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

This device will have the “usual” – 2GB RAM, Rockchip 3188 clocked at 1.6Ghz, the quad core Mali GPU, 8GB internal storage and bluetooth. – but there’s something that might raise your eyebrow: this one will come with an external antenna to boost that (poor) wi-fi signal these sticks are known to have since they took the market by storm last year.

Not surprisingly, it will run Android 4.2 and it will be relatively cheap (~$90)


New Android TV box – Rikomagic MK902

Yes, you read it right, an Android TV box made by Rikomagic.
The well-known Chinese manufacturer Rikomagic, which was one of the few to embrace the “android TV stick” phenomenon and got to the sixth generation of their MK802 HDMI dongle announced their first android TV box, named MK902.
The Rikomagic MK902 will be based on the Rockchip 3066 dual core chipset, clocked at 1.6 Ghz, will have a quad core Mali-400 GPU (capable of 3D) and will be shipped with Android 4.1, although an upgrade to Android 4.2 will most likely be made available.
It will support Bluetooth 3.0 and DLNA  and will have a soft turn-off feature.

More on Rikomagic MK902 after we get our hands on a sample.


Rikomagic MK902
The new Rikomagic MK902 android TV box




Tronsmart MK908 quad core android TV stick

Folks at Tronsmart don’t waste time and a few days after their T428 model started
shipping they are presenting a new model: Tronsmart MK908.

Tronsmart MK908 is a cheaper alternative to Tronsmart T428 and could be considered an upgrade to the popular MK808 model (ain’t it funny how many different manufacturers choose the same two initials for their models? in a future post we’ll feature the newest model from Rikomagic which has, you guessed it right, MK initials in the name Rikomagic MK902)

Back to Tronsmart MK908, it comes now with Android 4.1 but it is rumored to have an upgrade to Android 4.2 soon.
One other notable thing is that MK908 comes pre-rooted, so you can play with it and make it “yours”.

It does have a RK3188 Quad Core CPU at 1.6GHz (Cortex-A9), 2 GB DDR3 RAM, and the wi-fi chip is Broadcom AP6210 which supports 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Below are some pictures, thanks GeekBuying.

Tronsmart MK908
The Tronsmart MK908 quad core android TV stick










Tronsmart MK908 giftbox
The Tronsmart MK908 Box

Measy U4B – new quad core device

As expected, this month will be busy, almost every day a product is launched.
Today it’s Measy U4B, an Android 4.2 device based on the popular RK3188 chipset.
Very similar to Tronsmart T428, this device has 2GB Ram, will come with Bluetooth 4.0, 8Gbnand flash, and of course it will support skype video calls and you could connect an ethernet adapter should you feel that the a/b/g/n wireless is not enough for your needs.


Mele G39 – new quad core box

Mele is a little known Chinese company that until last year was only a factory for some well-known media player brands (Mede8er, AC Ryan, a few others).

They launched a few models of their own, and like many others, jumped into the android tv box bandwagon.
They also produce one of the most popular air mouse/qwerty remote, Mele RF03,
Mele G39A04 is their new quad-code model , basically an upgrade from their last year best-seller.

What’s interesting about Mele G39A04:
– a quad-code AllWinner A31 Cortex A7 CPU (clocked at 1Ghz)
– 2 GB RAM (DDR3)
– GPU: PowerVR SGX544 (dual core, capable of 1080P at 60fps)
– 8GB nand flash
– HDMI 1.4
– a VGA port , very rare among android tv boxes
– ethernet LAN  and wi-fi (150Mbps)
– a HDD can be connected via the SATA 3 Seagate USM connector on top