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Mini PC DB in 2015

2015 arrived, and it will be an exciting year, here’s why:

– The rise of Windows Mini PC’s
Most Mini PC’s we are featuring on MiniPCDB are below $250, and most of them are using now Android.
But during the last 3 months of 2014 there were quite a few Mini (HT)PC’s announced that would use the Intel Z3735F and they are now just around the corner.
Windows 8.1 with Bing will bring a nice change to the otherwise quite plain market when it comes to operating systems (all other units were using Android 4.4, and rarely Linux, mostly without video hardware acceleration).

The Android 5.0/5.1 Lollipop (Android TV)
Until now, Android TV boxes were simply turning your TV or monitor in a touch-less tablet.
Now Android TV is just around the corner, and we expect to see updates to Android 5.0 from some of the established brands like Minix or Tronsmart.
Finally the UI will be aimed at TV’s (“10-foot user interface”) and we’ll have apps that are specifically designed to be displayed on a TV.

Allwinner A80
For a few months now, Allwinner A80 is said to have the greatest potential due to the massive power of the 8-core CPU with 64-cores GPU.
But as we know, having a bunch of extra cores is good for marketing as it looks great on paper, but without the software to put those cores to work it simply doesn’t make much of a difference.
Allwinner is making efforts alongside manufacturers and there could be some interesting new TV and development boxes with Linux and Android L early this year.

(Even) More Intel devices
More and more cheap Intel devices like Intel’s NUC series (or Gigabyte’s Brix) are coming – see our posts on Mr.Nuc .

XBMC folks had a fantastic year – basically now when a manufacturer releases an Android TV box (or any other TV box for that matter) they feel the need to announce that it will support XBMC.
This brings more exposure to XBMC and they deserve it – a fantastic project that simply changed living-room entertainment forever.

OpenELEC  was built with a simple (but great) idea in mind – turn a Mini PC/computer into a “Kodi” machine – you can install it in minutes time and although it’s Linux-based you don’t even need to know much about Linux to use it.
Fast way of getting your own Media Center with a limited budget and great results.

Our goals are beyond this blog, we plan on having a full website completed by Q2, with anything a Mini PC enthusiast should need to know.

Follow us on Twitter, as we plan to release there any new information regarding the website and it’s planned features.
You think you can contribute with a subject? Just contact us!


Egreat 2015 roadmap

[Update] – more details about the Egreat Wintel Mini PCs can be found here.

A while ago I talked about Egreat and their plans.
Nothing major happened since then, no major products launched by Egreat (not outside China anyway).

But from what I’ve learned recently things are about to get better for the Chinese manufacturer.
We managed to get a sneak peek at the products that Egreat will announce at CES 2015:

Egreat U10 Allwinner A80

Egreat U10

Allwinner A80 octa-core CPU
Gigabit ethernet+dual band wi-fi
Bluetooth 4.0
Android 4.4

Egreat I2 Wintel Mini PC

Egreat I2

Intel Bay Trail 3735F CPU
Bluetooth 4.0
Android/Windows 8

Egreat I3 Wintel Mini PC

Egreat I3

Intel Bay Trail 3735F CPU
Bluetooth 4.0
Android/Windows 8

Egreat I6 Wintel Mini PC

Egreat I6

Intel Bay Trail 3735F CPU
Bluetooth 4.0
Android/Windows 8

Egreat A2 Mini PC

Egreat A2

Realtek RTD1195 CPU
External SATA port
Android 4.4

Egreat A6 Mini PC

Egreat A6

Amlogic S812-H CPU (?)
Gigabit ethernet + dual band, 2.4GHz/5.0GHz 300M WiFi
4K/2K H.265/HEVC hardware decoding
External SATA port
Android 4.4

Egreat A9 Mini PC

Egreat A9

Mstar MSO9180 CPU
Gigabit Ethernet + dual band, 2.4GHz/5.0GHz 300M WiFi
Internal 3.5” HDD
Aluminum case with VFD
Android 4.4
Can record from HDMI-IN in 1080P


– Egreat takes a shot at the hottest CPU available now (Allwinner A80)- with it’s 8-cores and 64-cores CPU is expected to provide good performance for a while
– Egreat launches 3 “Wintel” models – they seem to share the same PCB, only different casing, which is not uncommon for Egreat
– Egreat A2, A6 and A9 are claimed to have full BD ISO support (including 3D), and they also have promised an UART port for “DIY development”
– also, they plan to launch internationally two Android-based game box devices, named Egreat K1 and respectively Egreat K3

Let’s see what will come out of this, 2015 could be an (E) great year 🙂