Himedia Q5-II upgraded : now with eMMC and a new chipset

If you’re interested in pretty much the only Android TV Box that can render 3D BlurayISO you might want to wait a few weeks until your local retailer will have the new version in stock.

The improved version, which will be shipped starting with this week, has these differences: – chipset has been upgraded, from the HiSilicon Hi3716 CV200ES to Hisilicon Hi3718 (link to Hi3719C V100 Data Sheet)
– nand has been upgraded to eMMC, this move only is reported to cut boot time in half and to make things snappier – well done, Himedia.
– GPU has been upgraded from a dual core @1.2Ghz to the quad core version at 1.2Ghz

Other info: they are working on an update to their dedicated video player that will add native support for DVD-ISO, making this unit the first android TV box with full ISO support.
Also, XBMC should now working flawlessly.
Will report back if I get my hands on a sample




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