Mele PCG32 – a Wintel Mini PC with VGA port

There’s no shortage of Intel Baytrail Z3735F Mini PC’s lately, we covered here the Pipo X7, and we will cover soon the Egreat I2, Egreat I3 and I6 models that we announced with the Egreat 2015 lineup.
Most of them are quite similar in terms of specifications: 2GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage, 3 USB 2.0 ports.

Mele PCG32 , yet another Wintel Mini PC that will be announced at CES 2015 is a little different: it has a VGA port, which means you can pair it with your old VGA monitor to have a low-cost mini PC.

Having a VGA ports is not surprising for a Mele product, they’ve gone this road before and they have a loyal fanbase for this.
The case isĀ  all-metal, the unit does have a power button and and should be reasonable-priced.

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