AC Ryan Veolo 4K unboxing

[Update – AC Ryan Veolo 4K is now available on Amazon – read here about it – also, AC Ryan USA is now offering a free Veo Navigator and 10% off+free shipping for our US&Canada readers]

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the third generation of ACRyan’s Veolo line is soon to be made available.

Now it’s time to test it!

AC Ryan Veolo 4K box

First impressions:
– the unit is much smaller than I thought, the promotional pictures led me to believe that the size will be roughly the same as the first generation of Veolo, which I briefly tested years ago. Well, it is not!
AC Ryan Veolo 4K will fit in your palm.

– the unit does not have a regular HDMI 2.0 port, but a mini-HDMI port. This might be a problem for some , as the HDMI cable provided with the unit is rather short, if you need to place it somewhere further away from your TV or monitor (as I did) you might need to have a male-to-female HDMI extension cable around.

– there are no external wi-fi antennas, we’ll check the wi-fi signal strength in a later review

– the review unit arrived with two remotes, and apparently the VEO Navigator remote is to be sold separately .
Both remotes work with regular AAA batteries, which AC Ryan included in the package.

Veolo 4K Box The Veolo 4K arrives in a stylish black box
AC Ryan Veolo 4K unboxing Once you open it, you are greeted by the small Veolo Mini PC
AC Ryan Veolo 4K accessories All accessories are individually wrapped in their own black boxes
AC Ryan Veolo 4K box contents What’s in the box:
– Power adapter
– HDMI cable (miniHDMI to regular HDMI)
– quick start guide
– 2 AAA batteries
– IR remote
– AV cable
AC Ryan Veo navigator remote AC Ryan Veo navigator remote next to the standard IR remote. Note that the Veolo 4K Mini PC does have a power button.

-AC Ryan Veolo 4K is a small, nice-looking device.It comes to everything you need to set it up, although a male-to-female HDMI extension cable might have been more useful than the included AV cable.
-it comes with a standard IR remote, and you can purchase additionally an airmouse (AC Ryan VEO Navigator).
Probably AC Ryan should have included the VEO Navigator in the package (as other manufacturers do).
Just like on any other Android TV boxes on market, the IR remote can become frustrating to use after a while, and you will feel much more comfortable wih a keyboard+mouse combo (even a qwerty remote with airmouse).

Meet HP Stream Mini – a new Wintel Mini PC

2015 is bringing a new  wave of Mini PC’s and it seems like “the big dogs” want a piece of the action, and this great news for Mini PC fans everywhere.

HP Stream Mini specs:
– CPU: Intel Celeron 2957U @1.4GHz
– RAM : 2GB
– Storage: 32GB
– HDMI + DisplayPort
– 4 USB 3.0 ports
– SD card
– Gigabit Ethernet +wi-fi
– Bluetooth 4.0
– 3.5” jack for headphones
– mouse and keyboard are included
HP Stream mini will be available in the US in just a few days at $180, so in Europe it should cost around 200€.
Ah, and you’ll also get a $25 giftcard for Windows store and 200GB OneDrive subscription for 2 years.
This makes this unit quit attractive for those that fancied one of the many Baytrail wintel’s we featured in the last couple of days.

HP Stream mini also has a big brother, the Pavilion Mini.
This one comes with the same case (but a different color), but it will have 4GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD …for just $140 more.


Via: Minimachines



Meet the Wintel Box FV-W8, small Baytrail Z3735 Mini PC

There have been quite a few posts here on MiniPCDB about the plethora of Wintel devices based on Baytrail Z3735>
Only yesterday we featured a mini PC with a VGA port,  the Mele PCG32.
Today we will feature a small square of a mini PC (3.8”/9.8 cm) that has even “Wintel” written all over.

wintel-fv-w8 wintel-fv-w8-side

This is the Wintel FV-W8 mini PC from Artway Technologies and it includes :
– 32 GB storage (optional up to 128GB)
– Gigabit ethernet
– Wi-fi: RTL8723BS / AP6330,IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
– Bluetooth 4.0
– HDMI 1.4b
– 2 USB 2.0 ports
– 1 microUSB OTG port
– SD card
– 1 earphone jack+ Mic-in combo
The MiniPC does come with an IR remote, but you can only use it if you with in Android.


Mele PCG32 – a Wintel Mini PC with VGA port

There’s no shortage of Intel Baytrail Z3735F Mini PC’s lately, we covered here the Pipo X7, and we will cover soon the Egreat I2, Egreat I3 and I6 models that we announced with the Egreat 2015 lineup.
Most of them are quite similar in terms of specifications: 2GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage, 3 USB 2.0 ports.

Mele PCG32 , yet another Wintel Mini PC that will be announced at CES 2015 is a little different: it has a VGA port, which means you can pair it with your old VGA monitor to have a low-cost mini PC.

Having a VGA ports is not surprising for a Mele product, they’ve gone this road before and they have a loyal fanbase for this.
The case is  all-metal, the unit does have a power button and and should be reasonable-priced.

List of Mstar MSO9180 devices announced as of January 2015

[Update: Egreat A9 unboxing]

A couple of days ago we revealed the imminent launch at CES 2015 of the Egreat A9 unit, powered by Mstar MSO9180D1R.
This particular chipset is not new, several units were launched in China last year, but never quite took off overseas.
But this is about to change, as several devices were announced, and some are quite interesting:

Egreat A9

Egreat A9

Powerful Mini PC. Egreat announced a partnership with Vidon, making the device even more interesting.

Zidoo X9

Zidoo X9

Good looking case, (so far) regular firmware updates, custom UI interface.
Very promising device.

Xtreamer Prodigy 4K

Xtreamer Prodigy 4K

Another good looking case. Internal HDD slot.

Kaiboer F5

Kaiboer F5

One of the first Mini PC’s to use this chipset. Little to no availability outside China.



Less attractive case, unknown availability.

So, which one you should choose?
Here’s a side by side comparison between the most popular Mstar MSO9180D1R Mini PC’s:

Egreat A9 Zidoo X9 Xtreamer Prodigy 4K Kaiboer F5
Case metal metal metal metal
Memory 16GB 8GB 8GB 8GB
Ethernet Gigabit Gigabit Gigabit Gigabit
Wi-fi Dual Band Dual Band 802.11 b/g/n Dual Band
Bluetooth 4.0 4.0 -? yes
USB 2.0 3 2 2 2
USB 3.0 1 1 1 1
HDD Tray yes, 3.5” no yes, 3.5” no
HDD fan yes no
HDMI-In yes, with PVR yes yes, with PVR yes
Other – VFD
– Touchpanel
– custom UI /EG-UI
– partner
– custom Zidoo UI
– Xtreamer gui v.7

Meet Mele SP-100 – Mini PC with built-in projector

Chinese manufacturer Mele will announce several new devices at CES2015, including their very own Realtek RTD1195 MiniPC and several Wintel devices (Mele PCG47, Mele PCG32).

But what really caught my eye is their Mini PC / Smart Projector called SP-100.
Most Mini PC’s claim to turn any TV into a smart one. Mele SP100 claims to do that with your bedroom wall.


Mele SP-100 specs:
– CPU: Realtek RK3188, 4-core, 1.5Ghz
– Memory: 1GB DDR3
– Storage: 4GB, extendable with an SD card (up to 32GB)
– Network : 802.1b/g/n (no Ethernet!)
– HDMI – IN (1.4, up to 1080P)
– 2x USB 2.0 and 1 mini-USB
– Lamp: 150 Lumen, RGB LED, over 20000 hours, DLP WVGA 0,3″ Image processor, 12 to 120 inches, 1000:1 contrast
– built-in 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
– Android 4.2
– comes in one of the two flavors, black and white

This Android-powered portable projector comes with a small remote control, but it can also be controlled by means of Android app from your tablet or smartphone.
It can connect to your iPhone with an “iPhone to mini-HDMI cable” which could be included upon request, or with one of your ancient devices using the VGA to Mini HDMI cable, also not included.


Pipo X7 – Wintel Mini PC

Pipo is a Chinese manufacturer mostly known for their affordable tablets (they have had quite a few of them over the years) .
Last month they did launch their very own Wintel mini pc – the Pipo X7.

The Pipo Windows 8.1 Mini PC uses the Intel Baytrail Z3735F CPU (up to 1.83 GHz) or the Intel Baytrail Z3736F CPU (up to 2.16 Ghz) and it comes with 32GB storage and 2GB of RAM.

It has an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports which would allow you to use a mouse and keyboard while still having 2 ports for USB stick or HDD.

It has a metal case and it comes in two flavors: silver and black.
You can order it from PIPOMall.

One thing that we should mention is their connection with Freaktab – they even released the source code for the community and they already sent Pipo X7 samples to individual developers, so this might get a better-than-average support.


Pipo-X7-black-version Pipo-X7-black-version-front Pipo-X7-front Pipo-X7-black-version-bottom Pipo-X7-black-version-back

Meet Egreat A9, Mini PC with HDMI In recording capabilities

[Update: Egreat A9 unboxing]

Looks like Mstar MSO9180 finally gets some real-world use with the launch, at CES 2015, of the new Egreat A9 Mini PC.
This is one of the new Mini PC’s that Egreat will announce, check out the Egreat 2015 roadmap post to see the others.

As you can see in the below images, this mini PC will use a strong aluminum case with VFD which allows a 3.5” HDD to be mounted inside (same case used by the Egreat R300 media player a few years back).
As usual with the newly announced models, they claim to support 4K/Ultra-HD videos (although just at 30fps, due to HDMI 1.4 limits).
The mini PC will support H.265, BluRay ISO’s, 3D movies (and not just SBS and top/Bottom, Frame Packing 3D also).
They also mention Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA 7.1ch RAW audio passthrough.
But what caught my eye was the logo – does this mean that Egreat has some sort of partnership with Vidon?
[Update] – Both Egreat and confirmed for MiniPCDB that they are indeed working together. This makes the Egreat A9 unit even more interesting.
This unit can also record an 1080P stream using the HDMI-In interface,  feature that could be useful for those that have a HD TV receiver, for instance.

Egreat A9 specs:
– CPU: Mstar MSO9180-DB2 – quad core, Cortex A9
– GPU: Mali-450MP4
– 16GB eMMC
– 1 x USB 3.0 host and 3 x USB 2.0 host
– Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
– Gigabit Ethernet
– dual band wi-fi (802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5.0GHz 300M) with 2 antennas, 3dB each
– HDMI 1.4 ouput (max: 3840×2160 at 30 fps)
– HDMI 1.4 input (max: 3840×2160 at 30 fps)
– 3.5” HDD tray (HDD not included)

egreat-A9-back egreat-A9 egreat-A9-side


Meet Smartenit Harmony G1, Smart Home Mini PC

We are continuing our series of posts dedicated to products that will be officially announced at CES 2015, and now we have a special product.
Why special? because it just might be the first of it’s kind – the world’s first Smart Home Mini PC (actually I just coined this term, hopefully it would catch on).
You might know Smartenit for their Home automation projects (if not, you can look up “iSmartenit” on Google Play or  AppStore).
With their Harmony G1 you can do much more than watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, or from an USB drive or local network: you can also control your lights, irrigation system, watch live feeds from your security cameras and even receive alerts on your sensors (windows or front door locked/unlocked, motion detection), see power consumption for your appliances, etc.


– Dual Core ARMv7  CPU @ 1 Ghz
– 1GB RAM, 4GB Nand
– Android 4.2.2
– 2 USB 2.0 ports
– HDMI and AV out
– SD card (up to 64 GB)
– Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi

Are you a developer? Check out the Harmony socket XML API!

Mini PC DB in 2015

2015 arrived, and it will be an exciting year, here’s why:

– The rise of Windows Mini PC’s
Most Mini PC’s we are featuring on MiniPCDB are below $250, and most of them are using now Android.
But during the last 3 months of 2014 there were quite a few Mini (HT)PC’s announced that would use the Intel Z3735F and they are now just around the corner.
Windows 8.1 with Bing will bring a nice change to the otherwise quite plain market when it comes to operating systems (all other units were using Android 4.4, and rarely Linux, mostly without video hardware acceleration).

The Android 5.0/5.1 Lollipop (Android TV)
Until now, Android TV boxes were simply turning your TV or monitor in a touch-less tablet.
Now Android TV is just around the corner, and we expect to see updates to Android 5.0 from some of the established brands like Minix or Tronsmart.
Finally the UI will be aimed at TV’s (“10-foot user interface”) and we’ll have apps that are specifically designed to be displayed on a TV.

Allwinner A80
For a few months now, Allwinner A80 is said to have the greatest potential due to the massive power of the 8-core CPU with 64-cores GPU.
But as we know, having a bunch of extra cores is good for marketing as it looks great on paper, but without the software to put those cores to work it simply doesn’t make much of a difference.
Allwinner is making efforts alongside manufacturers and there could be some interesting new TV and development boxes with Linux and Android L early this year.

(Even) More Intel devices
More and more cheap Intel devices like Intel’s NUC series (or Gigabyte’s Brix) are coming – see our posts on Mr.Nuc .

XBMC folks had a fantastic year – basically now when a manufacturer releases an Android TV box (or any other TV box for that matter) they feel the need to announce that it will support XBMC.
This brings more exposure to XBMC and they deserve it – a fantastic project that simply changed living-room entertainment forever.

OpenELEC  was built with a simple (but great) idea in mind – turn a Mini PC/computer into a “Kodi” machine – you can install it in minutes time and although it’s Linux-based you don’t even need to know much about Linux to use it.
Fast way of getting your own Media Center with a limited budget and great results.

Our goals are beyond this blog, we plan on having a full website completed by Q2, with anything a Mini PC enthusiast should need to know.

Follow us on Twitter, as we plan to release there any new information regarding the website and it’s planned features.
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