Realtek RTD1195 products are now shipping

If you visit this blog regularly you might have read about the new Realtek RTD1195 chipset – I was one of the first to mention this back in May.
And it looks like I will be one of the first to actually test one – and it’s not from one of the manufacturers confirmed their RTD1195 products : Mele or Mede8er.

It’s actually from a newcomer called Eweat.
I will be receiving their Eweat EW902 item in a few days and I will be posting the test results here on the blog.

If you want me to test something specific, please leave a reply to this post.

4 thoughts on “Realtek RTD1195 products are now shipping”

      1. Well, nothing in specific. I’m about to buy a new media center and I’m not decided which is the best value for the money.

  1. Can you please test if this device properly plays 23.976 and 59.940 fps video without frame repeats or drops? You will need to set HDMI video mode refresh rate to match the video file FPS. For example, to test 23.976 fps video files, set the HDMI video mode to something like 1920x1080p @23.976. To test 59.940 video files, set HDMI to 1920x1080p @59.940. These sample video files should play 100% smoothly without any jumps or pauses:
    Most android video players will fail this test because they play everything at 24.0 fps or 60.0 fps causing frame drops or repeats every 42 seconds or less with files designed to play exactly at 23.976 or 59.940 fps.

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