RTD1195 production delayed

Realtek was late to the party (bringing a dual core chipset in 2014) and it seems that we might wait more until the first android TV box powered by RTD1195 will be on the shelves.
My sources just informed me that Mele Realtek RTD1195 items will be delayed one month, and Egreat’s – even more – postponed until late August!

So Realtek fans will have to wait more, and perhaps they will be tempted to test and buy the other novelties (Amlogic S802, Mstar MSO9180 and Rockchip 3288)


One thought on “RTD1195 production delayed”

  1. according to one of my Far East contacts this delay is caused by Realtek: the new version of their SDK (which allows, among other things, for HDMI In to be used) arrived late to the manufacturers.
    Late August seems a little pessimistic, I’m pretty sure things will move faster.
    In other news, have you seen the news about Rockchip and Intel?

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