New Android Mini PC from Samsung – Samsung HomeSync

This will be an interesting year, the Chinese manufacturers like RKM or Himedia will meet very strong competitors.

Samsung Homesynch

Say hello to “Samsung HomeSync” – while this is featured as a “cellphone accessory” by Samsung, it could be an interesting device.
Runs Android 4.2 (with Miracast), has 2GB RAM and 8GB internal flash, and, wait for it… : 1TB hard drive space!

While probably the best use will be as a companion to your Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note II, Samsung Homesync promises to be a very good android TV box, and a personal cloud device.

One thought on “New Android Mini PC from Samsung – Samsung HomeSync”

  1. Purchased a samsung homesync. Used it for a few days now. Conclusion, great promise, big disapointment. Conection setup with s3/tv messy, google play limited, general usability dispointing, mirroring tv on phone NOT phone on tv. Taking it back, looking for a better device.

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