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Meet the first Ainol Mini PC

Ainol is a well-known tablets manufacturer from China, also know as “Ainovo” on the western markets, they released quite a few models of all sizes over the years.
But now they are dipping their toes into the Mini PC market with the launch of an Windows 8.1 mini PC… that could also serve as an external battery for your devices.


This  15 cm high and 11.5 cm wide and 1.4 cm thick Mini PC weights only 335 grams, so you could take it with you anywhere.
It uses the very popular Intel Baytrail chipset with 2GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage (expandable with another 128GB with an SD card).
It has 3 USB ports (one of them actually being 3.0, which is uncommon).
You can connect it to your TV or monitor via the micro HDMI port.

ainol-mini-pc-battery Battery:
The Ainol Mini PC has a built-in 7000 mAh battery, which you could use to power your other devices
 ainol-mini-pc-USB-3.0 Ports:
Ainol Mini PC has an USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0
 ainol-mini-pc-remote Remote:
The  Mini PC will arrive with a tiny qwerty airmouse/remote.
I had a chance to test this model and it was quite impressive.
ainol-mini-pc-colors Flavors:
Several colors are available.
Ainol is known for better-than average quality, so we expect this to be interesting

Via: Minimachines