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Mini PC Spotlight: Himedia Q5 Quad

We’ve recently started a series of posts dedicated to Mini PC’s that are already on market and could use some more attention.
We are revisiting today the Himedia Q5 Quad, a Mini PC that we covered back in June 2014, before it was launched.

Since then the Q5 quad went through a major hardware overhaul (back in October) and several firmware updates, earning it’s place in MiniPCDB’s Spotlight.

What makes Himedia Q5 Quad special?
This is the third generation of the “Q5” line, and Himedia certainly took the feedback from the first two versions when building this.
The first generation was also the first Android Mini PC built by Himedia, and the switch from the “classic” Realtek-based media players to Android was not easy. The first generation had several issues with supported file formats, including DVD ISO, which didn’t make clients happy.
But that’s no longer the case, Android evolved a lot since then, Hisilicon’s chipset evolved also.
Speaking about the chipset, Hi3798C is a close relative of the Kirin CPU used by Huawei on it’s flagship phones, and at this time it’s still one of the few chipsets designed specifically for TV boxes (unlike most other chipsets we talk about on MiniPCDB, which are designed for mostly for tablets).
This is why Himedia Q5 quad has good image quality and a good variety of supported file types (Himedia are basically the first to add support for DVD-ISO and BluRay ISO – including 3D- to an Android device).
The case is a good-looking full-metal one, they also include an LCD front-panel and pretty much include everything you might need: USB 3.0, Gigabit ethernet, and not-so-common SATA port.

Himedia Q5 quad – the specs
 himedia-q5-quad-left-side himedia-q5-quad-right-side himedia-q5-quad-back CPU: HiSilicon Hi3798C, Quad core
GPU: Mali450 (8 cores)
– Storage: 8GB eMMC
– Network: Gigabit LAN, Wi-fi (one external antenna)
Case: full metal
USB: 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
SD card: yes
HDMI: 1.4
Other: Coaxial, optical, AV outputs
– SATA port – very few mini PC’s today have an external SATA port
himedia-q5-quad-launcher Software : Himedia has a simple launcher optimized to work on TV’s.
They have a dedicated video player that makes DVD-ISO, BluRay ISO and 3D BDISO rendering possible.
What’s even more impressive is the downmix and passthrough support, which goes up to 7.1 channel.
Yes, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA lossless HD-Audio formats.
There’s also support for 4K (@30fps) and H.265.
As for XBMC, Himedia released a custom version that makes use of their native player. You can also  just install the latest Kodi for Android
 himedia-q5-quad-remote Remote:
Himedia Q5 Quad comes with a simple IR remote…with a twist: it can also learn some commands from your other remote (maybe TV?). This way you can watch a movie using a single remote.
But there’s also two features you rarely hear about: Himedia provides two apps for your android device:
– HiControl: once you’ve started your Q5 Quad, you can use the HiShare App to control your mini PC, including seeing in real-time on your tablet what’s currently running on your TV. This could be very useful if you want to see what your kids are watching.
But it does even more than that, you can use your phone to play games on the big-scree TV, for instance.
– HiShare – basically use your phone/tablet to push content (images, video) to the TV



News from Himedia

Last year Mini PC DB exclusively informed you that Himedia Q5 II was being updated.
This year we’ll do it again 🙂

The new Himedia flagship, named Himedia Q5 quad core , already launched in China, will receive a significant hardware upgrade in early September.

So, if you are planning to get one, maybe you should put a hold on the purchase until the new PCBA will be ready (most likely future firmware updates will only target the September hardware revision).

In other news, early next week I will be receiving a sample unit from the current Himedia Q5 Quad core, so stay tuned for a small review.

[Update 9/9/2014 ]- the new version is under production now, and it will ship in about 3 weeks.


New! Himedia Q5 4K, Hisilicon 3798C chipset

Himedia is quietly working on the next version of their Q5 line – apparently they won’t call it Himedia Q5-III, choosing Himedia Q5 4K instead.

(more pictures below)


– Chipset: Hisilicon 3798C (Cortex A9)
– Quad core, 1.5 Ghz
– GPU: Mali450 MP6,  8-core (6+2), 600 Mhz
– RAM: 2GB, dual-channel DDR3
– storage: 8GB, eMMC (expandable to 64GB)
– Gigabit LAN
– 2.4Ghz 802.11 a/b/g/n wi-fi
– 1 x USB 3.0  and 2 x USB 2.0
– HDMI 1.4
– Android 4.4
– 1080P UI

As you can see, the specs are quite good, the biggest let down for me being the use of HDMI 1.4 instead of HDMI 2.0  – I guess we’ll have to wait for 2015 for that.

What will really make the difference will be it’s video (and audio) decoding capabilities.
Hisilicon chips are the still the best in that regard, Himedia Q5-II being capable already of rendering BluRay ISO (3D even) smoothly, something we don’t see much in the Android TV boxes world.

According to the source it scores ~21k in Antutu.

And some pictures:


Himedia Q5-II upgraded : now with eMMC and a new chipset

If you’re interested in pretty much the only Android TV Box that can render 3D BlurayISO you might want to wait a few weeks until your local retailer will have the new version in stock.

The improved version, which will be shipped starting with this week, has these differences: – chipset has been upgraded, from the HiSilicon Hi3716 CV200ES to Hisilicon Hi3718 (link to Hi3719C V100 Data Sheet)
– nand has been upgraded to eMMC, this move only is reported to cut boot time in half and to make things snappier – well done, Himedia.
– GPU has been upgraded from a dual core @1.2Ghz to the quad core version at 1.2Ghz

Other info: they are working on an update to their dedicated video player that will add native support for DVD-ISO, making this unit the first android TV box with full ISO support.
Also, XBMC should now working flawlessly.
Will report back if I get my hands on a sample




Himedia Q5 gets upgraded to Dual core

Rumor  has it that Himedia, a well-known chinese media player (and android TV box) manufacturer, will reveal two weeks from now their new products:

Himedia Q5 Dual-core -an Android 4.2 device based on Huawei/ Hisilicon 3719 (?)
This will support 3D display and will most likely support XBMC natively.
This upgrade is somewhat expected, as the Himedia Q5 device is/was very popular due to it’s unique features (Bluray ISO, the excellent remote control app “HiControl”, DTS passthrough and the bare SATA connector).

Himedia F1  and Himedia F3, new products based on the Allwinner A31 chipset. From the pictures I received from my source one of them will have a 3.5” HDD bay while the other has an external wi-fi antenna.

We will know more in the following weeks, follow us on twitter for details.