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Interesting Android TV Box: IpazzPort Pearl

Unisen will launch a  new and very interesting device called iPazzPort Pearl.
You might known about “iPazzPort” from their mini-remotes – it seems that they’ve stepped up a bit and their about to launch a device that clearly stands out from the crowd.
Since mini-remotes were their thing, it’s not a big surprise that this new product is simply amazing in that regard.

iPazzPort Pearl remote
That could simply be the best remote I’ve seen on an Android TV box – and wait until you see the features list:
– voice
– headphones jack
– full qwerty on the back (of course!) and a touchpad with zoom, pinch, scroll you name-it
– 10 dedicated hot-keys
yes, it looks amazing.
The device itself is a dual-core @1.6Ghz box with 1GB of RAM, has a front camera so you can use it for skype calls, baby/nanny cam, whatever your heart desire.
Current android version is 4.1, the UI is designed to be simple so any member of the family can enjoy it.
It can run without a TV/monitor as well, so you can use it to listen to the radio, for instance.
iPazzPort Pearl

It does look like a pearl, doesn’t it?
It also have other possible uses (alarm clock comes to mind) making this one of the most interesting family-oriented devices.