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Next Minix product will run Windows 8.1!

News surfaced today about the next Minix product – and it is NOT RK3288 based!
If you watch Chinese sites you might have noticed that some have “for sale” a RK3288 product called “Minix Neo X9” – that’s just a scam, do not buy it.

But be ready for Minix Neo Z64, the newest Minix mini PC (details below).

Minix Neo Z64 details
– comes with Android 4.4, can use Windows 8.1
– CPU: 64-bit Intel Atom Z3735F CPU, clocked at 1.33Ghz
– GPU: Intel HD Graphics (646 Mhz), perfectly capable of rendering 1080P movies
– 32 GB internal storage (eMMC!)
– HDMI 1.4 (sadly)
– LAN: 10/100 (not Gigabit, sadly)
– SD Card
– 2 USB 2.0 ports
– WiFi: 802.11n
– price : around $130

This is a good news, eagerly waiting to test one .


Minix Neo Z64

Minix Neo X8 and X8-H

[Update: Androidpc.es found the prices in USD to be a little lower – $149 and $129 – prices in EUR are still the ones mentioned below.]
Neo X8-H will be available on June 4th and Minix Neo X8 will be available one week later.

Minix just put an end to all rumors and announced that their new Amlogic S802 models will start shipping in early June.
And now we also have the retail prices: 125 € (~ 171 USD) for the top model Neo X8-H and 110 € (~150 USD) for the Neo X8.

You can find below a short side by side comparison between the two Minix X8 models.

Minix Neo X8 Minix Neo X8-H
Chipset Amlogic S802 Amlogic S802-H
Processor Quad core, Cortex A9 Quad core, Cortex A9
GPU Octo core, Mali 450 Octo core, Mali 450
Memory 2GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
Storage 8GB – eMMC 16GB – eMMC
Wireless Dual Band (2.4/5.8GHz) + Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Band (2.4/5.8GHz) + Bluetooth 4.0
OS Android 4.4 KitKat Android 4.4 KitKat
Remote control Standard IR Remote Minix M1 airmouse