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New members in Mr. Nuc’s family

Back in December we had an article about Mr.NUC, one good-looking tiny mini PC that really got some attention (more details on the follow-up here).

But the Chinese manufacturer Realan does not stop here.
They recently introduced two more members to the Mr.NUC Family:

 Mr.NUC BTJ1900G 
Named after it’s Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, this small-factor mini PC impresses with it’s looks, power and should be also reasonably priced.
It is based on the Gigabyte MZBAYAP mainboard, which is only 100mm x 100mm, the whole barebone mini PC being at it’s 113 x 115 x 57 mm just a little bigger than the original Mr.NUC V6.
You will need to provide your own RAM and SSD, but the unit does come with a VESA mount.
You will get USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, HDMI and audio port (headphones/SPDIF).

 BTJ1900G- mr.nuc CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, quad core 2.0Ghz (2.4 Ghz max)
Mainboard :Gigabyte MZBAYAP
CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 (4 cores)
GPU: Intel’s 7th generation integrated HD graphics
RAM: DDR3L 1333/1600MHz (not provided)
HDD/SSD : 2.5” (not provided)
BTJ1900G mr.nuc colors
BTJ1900G- mr.nuc-v6




Pretty much the same case as the Mr.NUC BTJ1900G , but this time it is based on the Gigabyte M1M3XAP mainboard, which is using the AMD A8-5545M quad core CPU paired with the AMD Radeon HD 8510G GPU.
Using the Mr.NUC name on an AMD device might not be the best idea, probably this item would need to be renamed 🙂


 Mr.NUC-A85545G CPU:
Mainboard: Gigabyte M1M3XAP
CPU: AMD A8-5545M (4 cores)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8510G
RAM: DDR3L 1333/1600MHz (not provided)
HDD/SSD : 2.5” (not provided)

Follow-up on Mr.Nuc

A few days ago (or last year, depending on how you look at it), I’ve published a short post about a Chinese tiny PC made by Realan, Mr.Nuc.
In a matter of hours that post got popular and the story spread on several websites in different languages.
Below are few of them:
Liliputing (English)
Ubergizmo (English)
MiniMachines (French)
24Gadget (Russian)
Comptoir Hardware (French)
Cnews.cz (Czech)

What’s to be learned from this?
There is certainly a market for these devices, and 2015 could be the year of “Wintel” Mini PCs.
There are literally dozens of Baytrail Z3735F or Z3736F devices  with Windows 8.1 with Bing coming in the next month or so (Minix Z64, Pipo X7, Mele, etc) – but if the price is right, manufacturers can sell “NUC- type” devices easily as well.

Mr. Nuc has a nice case, most people liked it, but they should ditch that cooling fan and make it cheaper, otherwise they will compete with Intel’s NUC devices and people will choose Intel if the price is similar.

Minimachines noticed the similarities between Mr.NUC’s motherboard and the Intel® NUC D34010WYK (see their animated GIF) – that could mean that Mr.NUC is a clone or they actually have some sort of partnership.
Looks like they do have a partnership with Intel (see this news story on their website).

Here are some more pictures with Mr. NUC.

Mr.NUC-red Mr.NUC-red-2 Mr.NUC-red-3 Mr.NUC-flavors Mr.NUC-more Mr.NUC-teacup Mr.NUC-classic Mr.NUC_black_2 Mr.NUC-black Mr.NUC_eiffel Mr.NUC_turtle Mr.NUC_unboxing_2