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AC Ryan Veolo 4K unboxing

[Update – AC Ryan Veolo 4K is now available on Amazon – read here about it – also, AC Ryan USA is now offering a free Veo Navigator and 10% off+free shipping for our US&Canada readers]

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the third generation of ACRyan’s Veolo line is soon to be made available.

Now it’s time to test it!

AC Ryan Veolo 4K box

First impressions:
– the unit is much smaller than I thought, the promotional pictures led me to believe that the size will be roughly the same as the first generation of Veolo, which I briefly tested years ago. Well, it is not!
AC Ryan Veolo 4K will fit in your palm.

– the unit does not have a regular HDMI 2.0 port, but a mini-HDMI port. This might be a problem for some , as the HDMI cable provided with the unit is rather short, if you need to place it somewhere further away from your TV or monitor (as I did) you might need to have a male-to-female HDMI extension cable around.

– there are no external wi-fi antennas, we’ll check the wi-fi signal strength in a later review

– the review unit arrived with two remotes, and apparently the VEO Navigator remote is to be sold separately .
Both remotes work with regular AAA batteries, which AC Ryan included in the package.

Veolo 4K Box The Veolo 4K arrives in a stylish black box
AC Ryan Veolo 4K unboxing Once you open it, you are greeted by the small Veolo Mini PC
AC Ryan Veolo 4K accessories All accessories are individually wrapped in their own black boxes
AC Ryan Veolo 4K box contents What’s in the box:
– Power adapter
– HDMI cable (miniHDMI to regular HDMI)
– quick start guide
– 2 AAA batteries
– IR remote
– AV cable
AC Ryan Veo navigator remote AC Ryan Veo navigator remote next to the standard IR remote. Note that the Veolo 4K Mini PC does have a power button.

-AC Ryan Veolo 4K is a small, nice-looking device.It comes to everything you need to set it up, although a male-to-female HDMI extension cable might have been more useful than the included AV cable.
-it comes with a standard IR remote, and you can purchase additionally an airmouse (AC Ryan VEO Navigator).
Probably AC Ryan should have included the VEO Navigator in the package (as other manufacturers do).
Just like on any other Android TV boxes on market, the IR remote can become frustrating to use after a while, and you will feel much more comfortable wih a keyboard+mouse combo (even a qwerty remote with airmouse).

AC Ryan Veolo 4K

[Update – AC Ryan Veolo 4K is now available on Amazon – read here how to get a free Veo Navigator and 10% off with your purchase]
Back in 2012 when AC Ryan Europe filed for bankruptcy things didn’t look to good for the manufacturer.
But AC Ryan Asia/Pacific didn’t went away, they even launched a second version of their Veolo line (the “Veolo 2”) that proved to be not only smaller, better looking and cheaper than the original Veolo product.

Now it’s time for a third version, that appears very attractive (at least on paper):
– Rockchip RK3288 (quad-core, 1.8Ghz)
– GPU: Mali T764
– 2GB RAM,  16GB Nand flash (Nand, really AC Ryan??)

– HDMI 2.0
– Gigabit ethernet
– Dual-Band Wireless
– Bluetooth 4.0

Comes with Android 4.4 and it promises all major video formats, including h.265 and BD ISO.
AC Ryan took steps into designing their own movie-oriented UI, with cover art and synopsis auto-download. ac-ryan_veolo-4k_UI

could this be the best RK3288 device yet?