Tronsmart MK908 quad core android TV stick

Folks at Tronsmart don’t waste time and a few days after their T428 model started
shipping they are presenting a new model: Tronsmart MK908.

Tronsmart MK908 is a cheaper alternative to Tronsmart T428 and could be considered an upgrade to the popular MK808 model (ain’t it funny how many different manufacturers choose the same two initials for their models? in a future post we’ll feature the newest model from Rikomagic which has, you guessed it right, MK initials in the name Rikomagic MK902)

Back to Tronsmart MK908, it comes now with Android 4.1 but it is rumored to have an upgrade to Android 4.2 soon.
One other notable thing is that MK908 comes pre-rooted, so you can play with it and make it “yours”.

It does have a RK3188 Quad Core CPU at 1.6GHz (Cortex-A9), 2 GB DDR3 RAM, and the wi-fi chip is Broadcom AP6210 which supports 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Below are some pictures, thanks GeekBuying.

Tronsmart MK908
The Tronsmart MK908 quad core android TV stick










Tronsmart MK908 giftbox
The Tronsmart MK908 Box

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